Consultative Service To Build Customer Relations and Results

The operating system of your computer sets up an underlying structure for electronic exchange that enables and limits the interaction of information. In similar fashion, our beliefs about how to consult shape our practices with customers, enabling or limiting the results we produce.

As educational consultants, we have chosen ‘consultative service’ as our Operating System. This approach is based on the belief that a consultant’s expertise is most valuable when the customer is clear about results they want to achieve, and regards the consultant as a resourceful partner.

Consultative service begins with a purposeful process to understand what the customer wants and needs, and how these results will benefit them. This understanding is developed early on in the relationship with the customer. It is checked or refreshed during the planning period, and subsequently during service delivery, From a broader time perspective, it is a pillar supporting a mutually satisfying long-term relationship.

How to ‘install’ this Operating System in your work? We have spoken about some aspects of consultation before — in other articles related to open, active listening, and use of a set of questions designed to discover customer outcomes, success criteria, concerns, and possibilities for forward action.

Perhaps the most important piece of ‘seeking to understand’ is to let go of preconceived notions about what the customer may want, and why. To do this, it is helpful to relax, let go, and sink into a space of openness as you begin to ask those questions which will assist the customer in discovering what it is they truly want and how they will know when they have it.

Another important “state-of-being” element is your open, non-judgmental listening to what the customer is actually saying. What you are “listening to” includes more than words spoken. It also includes your observations of body language (which may indicate congruence or lack of congruence about what is said, or possible attitudes to be explored further), and information you may receive through gut feel or intuition. This information will lead you to additional clarifying questions to check your understanding of what the client wants, their actual success criteria, and options for action that they may consider fruitful.

Approaching discovery in this way is fueled by passion for delivering service that makes a difference for our customers, as we draw upon and build our strengths and expertise. Consultative service supports satisfaction from one’s work, builds long-term customer relationships, and is an important part of creating a solid foundation for our future ability to contribute through a successful consulting services business.


messung product used in indian automobile and automotive manufacture long from 1981

The automotive industry is the most highly automated manufacturing industry. Given that a myriad of robotics,Guest Posting programmable controllers and drive systems work in a real-time process environment, automotive manufacturing systems needto be highly accurate, efficient and reliable.

Machines used in automotive manufacturing rely on some of the most complex automation platforms, employing advanced and powerful PLC systems to precisely control multi-axis interpolated motion sequences. There is an ongoing effort to streamline the programming of these systems so that they are more “open” and easier to use. These efforts are also being done to add more functionality to machine tools, such as more user-friendly operator interfaces (HMIs), visualization capabilities and real-time data capturing capabilities. Industry code programming standards such as IEC61131 have helped improve machine automation programming tremendously.

Whether it is machines used by automotive manufacturers such as press lines, welding lines, painting lines, engine assembly and chassis assembly lines; or machines used by Tier 1 manufacturerswho produce ancillaries such as brakes, connecting rods, pistons, clutches,transmission components like steering and axles, differential gear boxes, etc. -automationin machine tools helps manufacturers meet their production targets.


To help automobile manufacturers and suppliers handle constantly rising productivity and quality demands, Messung provides automation solutions for optimising all production processes. The range of industrial automation applications covers the Press shop, Body shop, Assembly shop and Paint shop, as well as the intricate network of conveyors running through the factory.

Whether it is special purpose machines or pick-and-place systems, hydraulic/mechanical presses or overhead conveyors, milling, grinding & turning or aluminum diecasting and forging – Messung provides IoT-enabled automotive automation and control for machines and linked plants, they optimise every process stage and ensure greater reliability.

Messung solutions also facilitate the “Andon” system, the “Poka Yoke” system and the “Pica Pica” system that help automobile manufacturers to create an error free assembly process for the Engine assembly line and the Chassis assembly line. These systems help prevent errors, eliminate waste and streamline processes.

In addition to turnkey system solutions, Messung supplies standard Automation products, which allow machine manufacturers to configure controllers that are individually tailored to their applications. The control platform is based on industry and IT standards, and supports the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts for machine-to-machine communication and for data processing and analysis in the cloud (OPC-UA and MQTT).


Messung provides the complete machine/manufacturing automation solution including:

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Messung offers a complete range of Programmable Logic Controllers in India, from the large modular Nx-Era Premium to the Nx-Era Xpress, the leading micro PLC in India. Messung’sNx-Era Xpress compact PLC for machine tools is big in features and performance. It offers quick and multiprotocol communication and gateway to Industry 4.0 to access the advantages of the IoT universe. Conformal coating ensures integrity and high performance even in harsh industrial environments. It can withstand extreme temperatures with resistance to vibration and impact.

Remote I/Os Messung’sXM-PRO Series of Remote I/O modules are indigenously manufactured by Messung under its ‘Navonmesh’ Make in India initiative. The Series is CE marked and certified for usage in harsh industrial environments.

Remote I/O modules enable users to greatly increase the capacity of the automation solutions enabling connections to electro mechanical actuators, sensors, VFDs and Servomotors, which are placed far away from the main control Cabinet. Messung offers a range of Remote I/O modules especially for Modbus, CANopen and Messung’s own “Mesbus”.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Messung’s HMI helps to control industrial automation equipment. Messung’s cost-effective industrial HMIs combine advanced graphical tools and a selection of highly functional features. They offer a wide range of connectivity options, high-resolution touch-screens and modern design to deliver fast screen changes and program execution in demanding applications.

Variable Frequency Drives Messung offers a wide range of simple and high-performance Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) from Fuji Electric.The VFD Drive range includes standard and specialised models that can maximise performance for each application – from fans& pumps, to specialised applications.

These VFDs have an environmentally-friendly long-life design (10 years), are compliant with RoHS directives. With their built-in customizable logic functions, these VFDs give customers the ability to customize their inverters—from simplelogic functions to full-scale programming.

Servo Motion Controllers & Motors Messung has joined hands with two of the world’s leading brands for Servo & Motion Controls technology: Fuji Electric, Japan and Sigmatek, Austria. Best suited to high-speed and high-performance applications in the Automotive sector, the motion control and servo drive solutions are Industry 4.0 enabled, perfectly coordinated systems with a seamless range of engineering & software tools based on IEC 61131-3 standard. They achieve highly dynamic, precise motion sequences – in real time and from one source.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Messung provides SCADA solutions to enable faster operations by accessing operating data to control and optimise a system. Businesses depend on the requirement for enhancing return on assets through operational excellence. Staying ahead of the competition means you can find ways to operate leaner and faster.


Since its establishment in 1981 as India’s first indigenous PLC manufacturer, Messung has been closely associated with India’s automobile and automotive industries. Messung has partnered with two-wheeler and four-wheeler manufacturers in their journey towards smart manufacturing, developing solutions for every stage of the vehicle manufacturing process.

With latest features like OPC UA and IoT capability, Messung’s PLC-based solutions enable features like remote and predictive maintenance, just-in-time control and energy managementto optimise productivity, minimise machine downtime and save costs.

Best Corporate Event Organizers

Sapphire Connect is a B2B meeting specialist

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The best corporate event organizers will help you plan the event while also providing recommendations and proposals when choosing a place and location. When planning a conference or seminar,Guest Posting it is essential to keep it simple, important, and attractive. A good consultant event management company will be able to guide you through every step from booking the venue, equipment hire, and the organization of a program to help run the event on the same day. Mainly the events are held within the company involving the people in management, employees and the staffs. Hosting an event is not easy and arranging the things required is also not as fun as its looks like.

Event management is an important part of any industry event and it is a good idea to hire a company to take over the management of your occasion. Event management itself requires lot of planning and proper execution of the tasks and corporate event management requires even more careful planning and execution with full attention to the details. The amount of time and attempt it takes to organize a group occasion that is best to hire the best corporate event organizers to help with occasion organization. This will help create a unique and inventive happening in any size budget.

Business events management is a platform for their products and services. To do this, you need the services of the best corporate event organizers. If the business event is a corporate or a social one, a large or a small, one a formal or informal one, no matter the aim, it needs to be planned with the help of professional event managers and commerce experience. Of course, you may feel that most of us have planned an occasion or the other, a meeting with business partners, meeting with associates and relatives, so organizing a corporate event would be similar.

There are many advantages to hiring the best corporate event organizers for business events. They bring a range of resources, skills, assets, services, and financial advantages that can come only with the experience and proficiency of professional managers of commercial events. There are many event management industries which are working quite exceptionally and it is in fact one of the improving sectors which have employed a large number of employs. Organizing corporate events can be both exciting and stressful simultaneously. Corporate events are the events which take place together interaction of the colleagues and making the professional group better in relation.

The best corporate event organizers usually deal with organizing meetings highlighting the corporate front of any organization, group, which not similar to organizing a usual meeting. There are few certain advantages in hiring corporate meeting managers. A corporate event is not similar to the organization of meetings and assemblies. The role of small firms is not an error on this front can be very costly. Corporate event managers many a times face the dilemma of balancing the need of a beneficial event along with it being an enjoyable event.

There are many more advantages in hiring the services of the best corporate event organizers. Their assets, skills, services and economical advantages are the things which you should be keeping in your mind. The role of corporate in your life is highly important and you will not wish to mingle it up as it may cost you dearly in the near future. Along with visualizing of how the process should take place, the event managers successfully execute the whole event. Corporate events are trained to highlight the essentials and most importance things of the company it is serving for.


Messung is a pionnering in plc manufacturer, messung is a diversified group spanning three broad business in automation & controls, electrical engineering and workplace technology.

Messung has always been a ‘habitat’ for innovation; a ‘culture’ where engineers,Guest Posting researchers and skilled workers continuously turn new ideas into innovative products and solutions.

Since their pioneering start in 1981, Messung has been committed to building industrial excellence in India. Messung has indigenously developed new products, and joined hands with strategic industry majors for different technologies to improve productivity and transform spaces for Indian industry, homes and businesses.

Although Messung started out as a pioneering PLC manufacturer, today, Messung is a diversified Group spanning three broad businesses: Automation & Controls, Electrical Engineering and Workplace Technology – each serving multiple industries.

Automation & Controls

Industrial Automation
Building & Infrastructure Automation
Home, Office & Hotel Automation
Electrical Engineering

Distribution & Control
Control Panels
Energy Management
Workplace Technology

ESD Workplace Systems
General Workplace Systems
Cleanroom Workplace Systems
Messung is a dynamic group, working with passion and diligence to deliver the most advanced and cost-effective solution for Indian industry. Across the industry spectrum, Messung partners with OEMs and end users to deliver the most efficient technology and service.

Integrating strategy and technical consulting expertise with deep domain knowledge and real-world experience, Messung helps industries, institutions and OEMs to improve efficiency and optimise their processes and workplaces.


Messung is 100% committed to its ‘Navonmesh – Make in India initiative’. Indeed, indigenous innovation is the foundation on which Messung is built. The company was established in 1981 with the objective of developing India’s first PLC. Meprolog-H was launched in 1983-84, and became the first of many path breaking PLCs developed by Messung.

Messung believes India needs cutting-edge technology at cost-effective prices – and indigenous manufacturing is the only way to provide it. Messung today has three production units and one Technology Centre in Pune where the team works continuously to design, develop and manufacture innovative solutions.

A major focus of Messung’s manufacturing is Automation. Well-known as an innovative PLC manufacturer, Messung is currently working on producing global quality PLCs, remote I/Os, SCADA applications, PID controllers and other controllers for industrial, building and home automation systems.Messung’s IoT-enabled Programmable Logic Controllers are feature-rich solutions that meet the exacting demands of modern industry. Messung is also developing world-classfront-end and back-end devices for home automation.

Yet another thrust is on workplace furniture. With world-class infrastructure and the latestmachines for wood cutting and metal cutting, Messung is manufacturing customised industrialwork tables, ESD tables, workstation chairs, ESD chairs & stools, storage trolleys, lab tables, racks, cabinets and othersolutions to optimise ESD and general workplaces. Built to the latest standards, Messung’s workplace solutions provide global quality and world-class looks at affordable prices. What’s more, since Messung manufactures all products inhouse, the potential for customisation with fast turnaround times is exciting.


Messung’s expertise extends to Building Management Systems (BMS) and Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS). Messung’s IOT-enabled BMS solution based on the Niagara Framework provides control and supervision of HVAC, Security, CCTV, Intrusion Alarm and Fire systems, including diesel genset, water pumping systems, and other third-party systems, which are now mandatory in all modern buildings.

The open solutions provide a sustainable foundation that supports and evolves with your building system’s lifecycle, helping you achieve over 30% savings in energy and operational costs while maximising occupant comfort and productivity.

Messung partners with Distech, Canada for their unique building management products and solutions. Products include:

BMS controllers
Bacnet/IP controllers
Bacnet MS/TP controllers
Lonworks controllers
Field Devices
HMI Displays
Electrical Engineering
Messung provides reliable, intelligent and world-class solutions for the Power Monitoring and Distribution sector besides customised Energy Management systems that provide complete visibility of electrical usage in industry, infrastructure and data centres.

Distribution & Control: Messung has tied up with Wöhner, Germany for revolutionary Busbar and offers the complete range of low voltage power distribution control system as per IEC 61439. Messung provides smart power distribution control panels with Wohner’s busbars and their own automation products like PLC, HMI and Scada.

Energy Management: Messung offers the complete, customised energy management solution as per IEEE 519including Network visualisation software as per ISO 50001 to help enterprises optimise power usage, improve power protection and increase productivity by reducing downtime, safety risks and electricity bills.

Messung partners through the complete lifecycle with an end-to-end PLM solution that covers the full gamut of ‘analytics-measure-analyse-solve-supervise-alert’ for efficient energy management including detailed mitigation.

With their expertise in electrical engineering, and incorporating best-in-class products from Janitza and Fuji Electric Consul Neowatt, Messung enhances productivity and the reliability of your critical electrical assets.

Products include:

Class A Power Quality Analysers from Janitza (IEC 61000-4-30 / EN 50160 / 61000-2-4)
DIN Rail Power Quality Analyzers and energy meters from Janitza
Network visualisation software and IT solutions from Janitza
Single Phase Online UPS from Fuji Electric Consul Neowatt
Three Phase Online UPS from Fuji Electric Consul Neowatt
Active Harmonic Filter from Fuji Electric Consul Neowatt
Industrial-grade Servo Stabilisers from Fuji Electric Consul Neowatt

Partner with Messung for a wide gamut of technology solutions for your industry or business. Messung offers the latest technologies and innovative solutions to serve diverse needs – from automation systems to building and home automation to energy management and workplace systems.

Trust Messung to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions, covering almost every aspect of your industry – to enhance productivity, minimise costs, achieve global quality and sustainability standards.

How to Use Cynar, According to Bartenders

Cynar is a bitter Italian tropical liqueur distilled from artichokes, which gives it its unique flavor. It’s also traditionally served with ginger ale or seltzer water to take away some of the bitterness. Bartenders are using this in cocktails more and more these days, because when used correctly, it can add depth to both sweet and savory drinks. It can be used in cooking as well, but if you’re using it for a recipe make sure to purchase the right kind of Cynar. There are several different flavors available so read labels carefully before buying.

How to drink it

So how should cynar liqueur be consumed? According to bartenders it cannot be consumed neat because of its strong flavor,Guest Posting and instead is used mostly in mixes and cocktails.

Some cocktails made using cynar include:

Cynar Cola – Cynar, cola and a lemon twist.
The Italian Job with Cynar – A “twist” on the classic Negroni cocktail with this liqueur instead of gin.
Saint Joan’s Revenge – Made using cynar liqueur. It is a play on a Bloody Mary but it uses marinated artichoke hearts in place of the tomato juice to add an unexpected flavor combination for this savory drink.

It can be used in cooking as well. Adding some into meat sauces will give them that extra bitter touch which perfectly accompanies fatty flavors like butter or olive oil. This is because artichokes are actually low carbohydrate vegetables so they have very little impact on blood sugar and can be used in a low-carb diet.

It’s versatile, it’s tasty and bartenders just love to use it. However, if you decide to use this bitter liqueur, whether on its own or in one of these classic cocktails that have been around for decades, it is definitely worth having in your bar. It can be used as an alternative for gin when making a martini cocktail too so there are lots of options open to you with this drink.

Why you should drink it

Why you should drink cynar is because it’s a liqueur you don’t necessarily see all the time, but is well worth adding to your collection if you are an avid cocktail drinker. It also offers health benefits such as being a digestive aid, helping to reduce nausea and being good for the heart.

Cynar is also great because it can be used in cooking. You can substitute it for rum or put it into marinades to give them an earthy flavor. You should drink cynar if you are looking to try something new but don’t want anything too crazy; this liqueur will definitely get people talking about your drinks when they taste how delicious the cocktails are. So, whether you’re just trying out some of these recipes at home on yourself or having guests over who love their food with a little bit more bite, using it instead of other liquors is sure to go down well with all involved parties.

The history of Cynar

The history of this liqueur is a rather interesting one that is filled with many twists and turns, but at its current place in the market it has a lot to offer. It was first introduced in Italy in 1952 and was created by the co-operative of artichoke growers called Cynar. Its main markets are across Europe, with larger shares coming from Italy and France where it is often enjoyed as a digestif after meals (and sometimes during).

Its origins go back way before its creation in 1952 by Italian distiller Angelo Dalle Molle who wanted to create an artichoke-based liqueur that would have a unique flavor unlike other spirits at the time due to being made from wormwood extracts rather than the usual ingredients.

Interesting facts about Cynar

It is one of the main ingredients in classic cocktails such as The Negroni and Americano which are both well-known drinks created by bartenders.
You should aim for around 20-30 mls per drink but if you want something bigger then it can be mixed with up to 50 mls, however this will bear more alcohol content so please be careful when drinking, especially if you’ve just started out.
Often referred to as an acquired taste due to its bitter, herbal flavours it is still consumed worldwide today and has become popular in the world of mixology.

Cynar can be used just like any other liqueur or spirit that’s for drinking on its own or mixing with other drinks such as cocktails. It works great when mixed into a classic negroni made up of gin, vermouth rosso and campari which are all Italian ingredients themselves.

How to gain more profit using cryptocurrency exchange script?

Osiz is named for best cryptocurrency exchange script company to give the best solution businesses. We have around 13+ years of experience in developing all cryptocurrency exchange solutions like web app and mobile app development to buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily.

A cryptocurrency exchange scriptis used to launch a new online cryptocurrency exchange website where the user can trade cryptos with fiat currency or crypto to crypto.

Using this script,Guest Posting the entrepreneur can set centralized and decentralized exchange platforms easily.

Features of Crypto Exchange Script

1. Powerful Trade Engine

2. Staking

3. Liquidity Option

4. Over the Counter

5. Swift Trading

6. Atomic Swap

7. Trade Estimator

8. Bot Trading Security Features of Crypto Exchange Software

1. Data Encryption

2. HTTP Authentication and Jail Login

3. Anti Denial of Service ( DDOS)

4. Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection ( CSRF)

5. Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Osiz is named for best cryptocurrency exchange script company to give the best solution businesses. We have around 13+ years of experience in developing all cryptocurrency exchange solutions like web app and mobile app development to buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily.

White label Crypto Exchange Software

White label crypto exchange softwarecomes with easy customization industry-leading features, grade security, an UI/UX attractive interface, and a world-class trading experience for users.

How to Become a Local SEO Consultant – Part 1

Local SEO and web marketing consulting is one of the hottest career fields to re-emerge in today’s new economy.

If you’re even remotely thinking of buying into any one of the plethora of make money with offline ‘gold’ riches type programs, I want to warn you not to buy or subscribe to any SEO or offline consulting program. At least not until you’ve read this revealing report.

When I first began looking for ways to enter the SEO consulting field, I read story after story of ‘every day’ people making $1,500 to $5,000 a day selling their online SEO marketing skills to local offline businesses. I ran out and got my hands on just about every SEO and consulting workbook, guidebook, report, and video that promised to teach ‘insider’ secrets.

But once I read all that stuff and came back out of the ether…reality set in. All those SEO and consulting products fell short on their promises in three big ways.

Failing to recognize those challenges can lead to untold frustration and wasted energy. Not to mention the cost of lost opportunities.

This article deals with the first challenge; finding high-quality potential SEO clients quickly.

Most ‘offline gold’ type SEO programs require would-be consultants to spend countless hours running around chasing business people who don’t know them, don’t trust them, and don’t want to talk with them.

Go through the high-rejection motion of cold calling and chasing enough complete strangers and you’ll soon find yourself feeling like a gerbil on a treadmill — expending a lot of effort but not really going anywhere.

How do you overcome this image of being ‘just another salesperson’?

First you need to target and uncover high-probability SEO clients — before you speak to anyone.

One way is to grab the yellow page directories and go online. Check the SEO web ranking of as many of the companies in your area for their likely keyword combinations as possible. See how well the companies rank for your city, county, and state. You want to know which sites are ranked well from an SEO standpoint and which aren’t.

Automating this process of SEO ranking many sites at once is the quickest way to find potential SEO clients who actually need offline services. If you have tools to automate the process, great. But if not you can still do the SEO pre-qualifying steps by hand too. It will just take longer.

“Getting Paid”

Some offline consulting programs say to just walk into any business and ask “how’s business,” hoping the owner will start a conversation complaining about how bad life is. But that’s not going to happen.

Only the most depressed and disgruntled will tell a customer the truth. All other business owners will lie so customers think the business is doing well. So instead of walking out with a big fat check you walk out with egg on your face looking like an idiot because you had nowhere to go in the conversation after the owner lied about business being great.

To walk out with a big fat SEO client check in hand you must walk in with something specific to talk to the companies about i.e. their exact poor search engine ranking and proof you can beat what they are already doing.

“Not Another Slimy ‘Snake Oil’ Sales Person”

After you’ve searched in advance and determined a site’s SEO ranking, you next need to position yourself to avoid being viewed as an unwelcome pest. You want the prospective SEO client to see you as a welcome guest.

How? Not by cold calling every business in town and trying to sell your widget to everyone in arms reach.

Instead you contact companies intelligently. Determine what’s important to them about getting the improved SEO ranking for their site.

And never ever go into a business and try to ‘pitch’ your services without knowing in advance a specific SEO marketing need truly exists.

You’ll create resistance because the ‘pitch man’ approach is antiquated. And is associated with snake oil days of scam sales reps who promised everything and anything to get a sales, only to end up ripping people off.

In this day and age prospects are more informed than ever. The moment a business person detects ‘sales speak’ a defensive wall goes up. They begin to mistrust you. Your goal is to determine SEO and web marketing needs of the business, from the buyer’s perspective.

Instead of ‘pitching’ your services be sincere, honest, and ethical. Focus on sincerely helping people. This will set you apart from all the con artists and snake oil dealers.

“Instant Expert…. Just Add Credibility…”

To be believed you must position yourself as a local expert, not approach businesses as just another sales person.

Do whatever it takes to ethically and legally remove the image of being a self-centered, commission-chasing sales rep. That way once you have completed your research and are finally face-to-face with a business owner or decision maker, you’ve placed yourself one step closer to entering what is likely the hottest career field to emerge in quite some time — SEO and Web Marketing Consulting.

What Does It Mean When The Company You Work For Is Issuing a Consultation On Job Structures

If the economic climate has hit the company you work for hard, then you may find that they start to talk about making changes to the way that the company is run, the way that people fulfil their jobs and indeed, the jobs that people hold.

Any discussion about change can make you feel nervous or worried. Change will inevitably bring confusion and fear. But change can also bring opportunities – it all often depends on your attitude to the change that is presented to you.

If the company you work for is committed to its decision to make changes to the way that the business functions and operates, and if this change could have an impact on the job that you fulfil, then they will often commence a programme of consultation with you and all other affected staff. This consultation programme is likely to follow the following structure:

  • An initial verbal briefing to inform you of the changes that are being discussed at senior management level.
  • A written consultation document which outlines very clearly what the proposed changes are going to be. This can include new structures that may appear to reduce the number of jobs within the company. It could also include information about reduced hours or differing job responsibilities for individual job titles.
  • A period of time is then usually made available for individuals to respond to the consultation. As a potentially affected individual, you should be provided with the name and contact details of the person to whom you should send your comments, and the date by which your comments should be sent in.
  • A collective response to all of the feedback comments received in light of the consultation document will then be written and agreed by senior management, and this will be sent out to all affected individuals.
  • A timetable of action will be released. This will let you know when the changes that the consultation is proposing will be put into place.

One of the obvious changes or consequences that comes out of a consultation such as this is that jobs are removed from the newly proposed structure. This ultimately means that there will be less posts available within the company and that some individuals will have to be made redundant. However, it also means that anyone whose job does not appear in the new structure is entitled to apply for any of the roles that are going to be put into place in the new structure. And so this can be a time of real possibility and opportunity for some, and there is the chance to apply for a job that is more senior than your current role.

It is important to keep yourself informed about the consultation process and the options available to you. If you approach the consultation in a proactive way you will find that the outcome for you is likely to be much positive. Try to also remember that no one enjoys having to go through a consultation process – not even the individuals running it. So channel any angry energy into a positive determination to seek out opportunities and succeed.

Educational Consulting – What Is It And Why?

Parents considering private or independent schools for the first time can find the situation daunting. If completely new to independent education, one can expend much energy working to learn the vocabulary and ways of independent schools all before focusing on the most important piece of the equation, your student.

The school search is akin to life size jigsaw puzzle in which the objective is to find the best fit between school and student. No two are alike and fitting the details together is difficult even for the experienced parent.

A educational consultant helps with the fit.

Educational Consultants

Each family’s unique setting and student determine the exact role that a consultant plays in the school search.

IECA educational consultants are credentialed professionals- members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA)- who add expertise and independent judgment to a family’s school search.

A consultant brings clear eyes to a school search. A consultant’s perspective helps a family set aside biases and preconceived expectations and notions in favor of clear examination and what is best for the student.

However, no matter the tailoring of the situation one goal remains at the end of every school search- matching, and fitting the traits and abilities of each student with a school setting that will best foster that student’s growth.

Knowing the Student and Family

A consultant will first set our to learn and get know the student and family. What’s the impetus for a school change? What’s the family history and setting? What is the student’s educational history? How is the student presently doing in school?

The family may have a child experiencing difficulty in school with no known reason. In this case a consultant might suggest educational evaluation.

Has the student been evaluated in his/her previous school setting? Have any learning differences been diagnosed?

A family change may be behind the move to a different school.

Knowledge of the student and a family give the consultant the perspective and judgment to say “we need to know more” and seek educational assessment and testing when needed.

When the ‘ducks are in a row’ and the consultant is satisfied that he/she knows the family and the student well, then, thinking shifts to schools that might be good environments for the student.

School and Process Knowledge

Educational consultants know schools and that the devil is in the details. Consultants regularly visit schools to gain first hand experience of each school’s unique perspective and workings.

Schools often appear quite similar in their literature and pictures. In reality, each school and student are a unique fit.

Once settled on a school or school list, an educational consultant can aid families in building a plan or a map to follow so that no piece of the admission process suffers from short shrift or omission. Consultants can also help a family manage the application process.

The amount of involvement in the process is determined by the needs of the student and family.

Student Centered Goal- the best fit

Using his/her broad vision and expertise a consultant may shape all or a some of a family’s school application plan. Most importantly, the consultant can see and think critically about the family student and school choices, providing guidance driven and shaped by what’s best for the student.

Five Questions Your Administrative Consultant Should Ask Before Taking You on As a New Client?

If you are looking for a good Administrative Consultant to help you make your business grow then you’re in luck because there are thousands even millions of them in the World Wide Web. The only question is how do you know which of these Administrative Consultant’s are the right one for you? Knowing more on how she does her job might help you shorten that seemingly long list of candidates.

Administrative Consultant’s or sometimes called “Online Assistants” are people who offer their services on the internet while working on the comforts of their own home/office. They can do a lot of things and some of these individuals specialize on certain tasks which enables them to do a better job for the right client.

Here are some of the questions that you should anticipate, when looking for a potential Consultant for your business.

What is the name of your business and what does it do? – This is probably one of the first questions that they will ask of you. This also means that they want to know more about your business and analyze the services that they can do for you. By finding out more about your business, they will be able to analyze if “they” will be able to commit to the job and possibly form a long- lasting relationship with you.

How will I be able to help you? – Explaining to them the mechanics on how they will work for you, will give them a better understanding of how they will play their role while they are working for you. It is important to understand exactly “what they’re supposed to do” so that the relationship between employer and employee will go smoothly.

Working Hours – Since your Administrative Consultant might be working on the other side of the world, your working hours are definitely different from each other. Stating exactly when you want them and how long you want them to work for you (client’s hours) can affect their answers. More often than not, Administrative Consultant’s have a hard time in adjusting to their client’s working hours, due to the “time difference” between locations. If he/she thinks they will be able to work on the working hours that you set, then that would definitely make a difference.

Payment – All services comes with a price and Administrative Consultant’s need assurance from their clients that they will be paid for the work that they do for them and it must be paid in time. Depending on the agreements between clients and Administrative Consultant’s, the client may or may not give advance payments to their Administrative Consultant’s for the sake of “trust and intention of good will”. If you and the Administrative Consultant that you are consulting at the moment cannot agree on a price, then it is best to find another one who will work for the price that you offer them.

What are you looking for in an Administrative Consultant (skills, specialties and the likes)? – Experienced Administrative Consultant’s might ask this question because they fully understand that some clients are not meant for them. Their experience tells them when they think that they might get along with a potential client or not. If they think that they will not be able to do a good job for you, they might introduce/recommend you to someone else, whom they think is more appropriate for you.